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We are about real human flight harnessing the power of the wind to fly and dance with the sound of music. The magic is experienced by both the performers who feel the wind’s power and the audience who sees the synchronicity with the music.

Indoor Sky Dancing is the art of choreographed flying to music inside a wind tunnel. As a new performing art, the possibilities to create and grow are just now budding.

We aim to develop this new performing art form in many directions:

  • Innovation and development of artistic flight (solo, duet & group)
  • Inspiration of new generations of flyers (people who would love to fly!)
  • Promotion of Performances in Competitions & Exhibitions
  • Promotion to the outside world (non skydivers)
  • Creation of new opportunities for the sport

Values of Indoor Wind Dancing:

  • Innovation, pursuit of new creative ideas that have the potential to change our world.
  • Creativity that Inspires
  • Athletic Prowess
  • Joy for the feeling of free human flight, creativity and open-mindedness.




The Big-Bang

January 23, 2016
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Wind Games host the 1st competition to include music as part of the routine inside the Freestyle discipline. The success is HUGE



November 1, 2014
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Lise Hernandez presented to the FAI the idea to execute the routines with music at the 1st World Cup Indoor Skydiving. After this event music is allowed (optional) during the FAI Indoor competitions

Indoor Sky dancing is born

March 23, 2014


Lise Hernandez brings her idea to execute the routines with music to the public for the 1st time at the 2nd Canadian Indoor Championship.

See video

FAI and recognize wind tunnel competition at the world level.

January 10, 2014

Guillian Rayner during her work as the 1st Vice President of the IPC,  initiated the process and brought indoor skydiving competition into the International Parachuting Commission.


October 12, 2013

Lise founds the right equipment to be able to hear the music inside and outside the tunnel.

Concept Creation

January 1, 2013
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“Necessity is the mother of invention” Lise Hernandez decides to invest herself in to her idea to perform artistic routines inside the tunnel with music.

Read How Others React to fly with Music!


“The ‘heart’ of freestyle is about exploring complete freedom of creativity in freefall, and each person will have their own style of expression. By developing artistic indoor flying choreographed to music, Lise is an innovator advancing the creative elements of artistic flying to a whole new level with new possibilities of expression. It is yet another example of pioneering in creative flying … it can have many possibilities in both competitions and public performances.”

Tamara Koyn
Freestyle skydiving pioneer from the mid-1980s

“I think it’s great.  It brings a new dimension that we don’t have outdoors. We should take advantage of the fact we are in an indoor environment. By seeing a performance with music, it will make it media friendly because it will make it easier for the general public to enjoy and understand what the flyers are doing. I think this is the way we should go now.”

Gillian Rayner
Executive Director of the FAI

“We saw the excitement from the audience when Lise was performing with the music. At the end of the competition, the tunnel put some music for all competitors but is not the same effect because the other flyers are not hearing the music so they weren’t synchronized with what the audience was hearing but even then, the atmosphere was great.”

Ron Miasnikov
Chair of the IPC Artistic Events Committee
and Chief Judge at the FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving 2014 and FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships 2015

“This is really the next level of complexity in flight and the main thing is the total interest in developing oneself both as a flyer and as a dancer. The artistic disciplines in the tunnel and skydiving will develop in this direction.”

Mikhail Razomazov
2012 Artistic Freefly and NeoFreestyle World Champion

“The wind tunnel represents a great opportunity for the general public. Thanks to this tool, everyone can experience the joy of the human flight without risk. Indoor Sky Dancing, according to us, will open up the sport to all ages. The very visual aspect and the music will contribute to make this sport becoming increasingly popular. More than any other emerging discipline, Indoor Sky Dancing will help to democratize the wind tunnel. With crossroads between air and sport, Indoor Sky Dancing” has beautiful days in front of it and Lise is a pioneer in this field! At Weembi, we will help her to develop this project.”

Aurelien Cabezon
CEO of Weembi

7 thoughts on “About us

  1. This is so exciting! I’ve been flying in the tunnel for 5 years and this is the first time I feel like I’ve found a discipline that’s really for me. But what’s even more exciting is that this feels like a doorway for more women to be in the tunnel. Those of us who spend time in tunnels know how male dominated it is. Of the ten or so coaches I’ve had, only one was a woman…and she was an assistant coach and wasn’t even getting paid! Ladies, it’s finally time for all of that to change. Thank you so much for making this happen!

    1. Hi Jami !! Thanks for your message. You are right Skydiving (Indoor or outdoor) is male dominated (I think all extreme sports). From one side, I can understand why we don’t see so many woman as instructors in our sport and is because is physically challenging. You might be able to do it part time, but Drop Zones or Wind Tunnels normally want’s full time and want to avoid accidents. BUT I think the Wind Tunnel can give lot’s of more job opportunities for woman where she can work as a receptionist or marketing and have the chance to have to fly and train to compete and move forward on our skills, and why not to have a career as well. Cheers !!

  2. As a relatively new tunnel flyer (3 hours :) ) with freestyle aspirations, words are difficult to find to describe how fantastic musical freestyle is and the impact it has on those who view it much less actually perform. For me was nice to see ladies well represented at Windgames 2016 in musical freestyle. I know it probably isn’t possible but if everyone could experience a free minute in a tunnel , then they could understand the extreme commitment, training and practice that flyers must have to fly as seen in competition.

    1. Hi Frank ! mmm that is a good idea. To offer one minute or two for those persons who would like to try …. let me find a sponsor 😀 We could do a contest on Instagram. OMG … to many nice ideas ! And make a video of their expressions !

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