Wind Games 2016


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As always the goal for the Wind Games is to be innovative and fun, whilst also providing a slick organization for the best teams in the world to test their competition readiness.

What’s Was New ?

Windoor included Freestyle, but in a different format. The new ‘neo freestyle’ format has given the older outdoor discipline a change of direction and attracted young, talented tunnel flyers. It is more of a hybrid combination of freestyle, acrobatics and dynamic flying and is exciting for competitors and spectators. This format was included at the 2015 FAI World Indoor Championships in Prague and received very positive feedback.

Freestyle is something of an anomaly, as the nature of the discipline is founded in artistic creativity. However, to compete, the competition must have rules – and once the rules are in place, it can have the unwelcome outcome of stifling the very creativity it seeks to promote. Windoor is experimenting with a competition that explores the potential of the event without being weighed down by the current FAI dive pool and scoring system, founded 20 years ago, based on moves that were the staple of the event when it was a skydiving discipline.

Windoor will host a 3-round Freestyle competition that consists of a high speed and low speed round, where the competitors will present tricks of their choice inside a routine. Each competitor will set their high speed by finding the minimum speed to lift off the net head down. (This will be supervised by the Freestyle judges). The low speed will be 8% less than the high speed. The final round will be a complete round that will be accompanied by the music of choice of each competitor. It will be the first time that a complete round of skydiving competition will be set to music and has the potential to be a game changer for future events.

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  1. This is breathtakingly beautiful ! I am an aerial circus performer and have experienced Zero Gravity aboard a parabolic flight, this is the next thing I want to do. I will be looking for somewhere near London to try it out …. Kudos : ) X

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