custom-fit ear seal with earphones

The easy way to hear music but …..

The following options are enough to hear music inside the tunnel but not enough to protect your hearing since you have to put the level of the music to the maximum and sometimes when the music changes to a softer sound you won´t be able to hear it.

This two options are very popular used among the flyers who hear music inside the tunnel:

  1. Earphones
  2. Custom-fit ear seals where they include the earphones (above picture)

And… That’s it, that’s all.



Try to find a good quality of In-ear headphones, don’t worry there are different brands for every budget. The advantage of this type is that they normally stay on place and don’t fell. But remember, using only earphones inside the tunnel is not enough to protect your hearing, once you loose it … you loose it.

FYI: The popular noise cancelling of BOSE (300USD) doesn’t worth the spend, you can find same hearing quality without the noise cancelling by simply using in-ear headphones (much less expensive)




The risk of permanent hearing loss from noise is related to the loudness of the noise and the duration of the exposure.

For individuals not experienced with hearing loss it can be very difficult to understand the frustration and difficulties that arise from such an every-day process that we take for granted.

If you experience tinnitus or ringing in your ears after a particular heavy concert then be warned, your ears are trying to tell you something. Be sure to heed the message.


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One thought on “The easy way to hear music but …..

  1. Hi,

    I’ve just started flying in tunnels months ago and the idea of listening music while practicing really enjoy me. You cannot imagin how amazed i was discovering this website and how great Sky dancing seems to be.

    Reading this article (& maybe because i’m involved in sport product development), i remind some kind of technology i heard about years ago, the one that might be usefull for your need. I’m talking of “bones conduction” systems (like this one some other should certainly exist).

    I don’t know if you already tryed it (and if it’s a yes, i’m very interested in your feedback), i think it may be possible to use this system while using ear plugs at the same time, which would avoid the tunnel noise & let the music play (should be verified).

    If you want to discuss more on that topic i will be really happy to help.


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