Inside a vertical wind tunnel




Indoor Skydving 


Experience the thrill of human flight without the commitment of jumping from an airplane. Millions of people from all over the world and from all ages have enjoyed flying their bodies inside the wind tunnel. No prior experience is necessary and the sport is also accessible to people with disabilities.

The feeling of flying is unique. Flying in a vertical wind tunnel is comparable to the free-fall portion of a skydive. You will not feel like you are falling; rather, the sensation is one of floating. You will be supported by the air in the flight chamber and, once in a stable position, you will be able to move around inside the tunnel.

After just a few minutes, you’ll know why birds sing!


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From an airplane






Most of the Drop Zones (skydiving facility) offers tandem jumps, which allow you to feel the thrill of free fall with no previous experience while you’re harnessed a professional instructors. The tandem jump is a great introduction to skydiving.

Lots of exiting feelings during this experience, from the moment you decide to find a Drop Zone until you make it. There are different exiting phases during the jump: 

  • Your preparation on the ground with your instructor who will explain you
    what to do.
  • The moment when the airplane reach the altitude (around 13,00 ft /3,962 mts).
  • When you have to jump from the airplane
  • The freefall (around 45 secs)
  • The opening
  • The landing

You might be talking about this experience the rest of your life !

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(and contact them to ask all your questions and plan your first jump !)